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Plastic Caps

We work with a leading global manufacturer of plastic caps for beverages: CSI ( with factories throughout the world. In Europe there is production in Hungary, Spain and Germany.

We offer a wide selection including 28 and 38 mm caps in many different variations: with and without printing, one-and two-piece, one-or two-split and sport editions.


CSI also offers technical support to ensure proper closure. In addition we also market a range of sealing machines in a very high quality. In this way, we take responsibility for the whole process.


We make our and CSI’s know-how available to our customers.



Decorated glass bottles for premium Norwegian juices
Askim Frukt & Bær in Norways has chosen a decorated glass bottle for profiling their
quality products. The motive, incl. drawings of beries and fruits, is screen printed and
supports the quality, healthiness as well as the 75 year long history of Askim Frukt & Bær.


Ringi Gård outside Oslo cultivates and presses apples for a range of exclusive apple juices

The choice of a Bordeaux bottle and a matching thermo cap from Nova-Pack emphasises the juice´s high quality. Like wine, the various types of apple juice suit different dishes, and markets itself, as a safe and healthy alternative, if you are driving after a visit to a restaurant.


The Buddy Dog Beer – in bottles from Nova-Pack
Vitakraft has chosen a 33 cl amber glass bottle for a dog beverage, so called Dog beer.
With the taste of beef, non carbonated – and alcohol-free, of course. To be enjoyed
directly from the bottle !


Flavoured mayonnaise in cylindric glass jars
4 new mayonnaises from Swedish Kavli are presented in a beautiful and handy 200 gr. cylindrical glass jar from Nova-Pack. The deep lid, the transparent side label and top label with tamper evidence, it truly emphasizes the high quality of the product.