Nova-Pack enters partnership with C.E. Gätcke’s Glas and Gaasch Packaging.

We are pleased to inform you that Nova-Pack A/S has entered a strategic partnership with two leading packaging companies, the German C.E. Gätcke’s Glas (Treffpack) in Hamburg and the Belgium Gaasch Packaging with the head office close to Brussel and subsidiaries in Luxembourg and England.

As part of the agreement, the two companies have acquired 12.5 % of the shares in Nova-Pack each.

Treffpack and Gaasch Packaging are like Nova-Pack family owned companies. With a total of more than 260 years in the business the two companies will support us and contribute with knowhow and inspiration.

We look forward to the further development of our services and product range of interesting, environmental friendly and innovative packaging.

For further information, please contact Rune Hvoslef or Frank Dreyer Thomsen

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