Case: Jacobs Utvalgte

One of Nova-Pack’s major strengths is that we can supply premium packaging solutions to the food producers regardless of the choice of material or technology.

The best example of the importance of this concept is seen in this picture: For the private label “Jacobs Utvalgte” in Norway, we supply 4 different fillers with 4 different packaging in glass, metal as well as plastic – injection moulded cups/lids and blow moulded jars.

It has been quite a challenge to achieve the uniform premium packaging look with black backgrounds using different technologies like inmould labelling, traditional labelling as well as off set printing.

Jacobs Utvalgte is the supermarket chain NorgesGruppen’s own brand. It comes in 43 product lines. In order to insure an extraordinary quality and taste, the company has developed the brand in cooperation with the organisation Kulinarisk Akademi.